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Phil’s Pharmacy prescribes the following links to combat Monday online anemia.

Bent Objects – At a recent Pecha Kucha event held at Invoke Studio, I had the very fortunate opportunity to hear the very talented local photographer, Terry Border, explain his food-and-wire creations. Here’s a link to a relatively short YouTube video of Terry showing off a few pieces. And for those of you looking for a little more, a longer video from when Terry was presenting his work to a crowd in New York.

Website Grader – A cool little tool that tells you how well you’re website compares against others for things like inbound links, traffic rank, and Google PageRank. A cool piece of information that I noticed about our own site is that we have over 73,000 inbound links!

Behance Network – Is a site dedicated to “Creative Porfolios, Projects and Collaborations.” It is also a neat place to check out what the people on the Internet can come up with design wise. Here’s a standout gallery. Here is another.

Website Usability Analysis – Ever wonder why some websites feel so good? Recently, I’ve been thinking about website design and thought that this report on Apple’s site was a pretty good read. I’d be interested to know what we can borrow design wise from the Apple site. If we were ever to borrow.

European Design Facebook Contest – The week four winner has been selected. Up is the new picture.

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