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IMA Employees on Twitter

phil-twitter-goodThe social media application, Twitter, has taken off. For those of you who don’t know what Twitter is, think of it as a blog that only lets you write about two sentences per post. It’s basically the “status update” component stripped out of MySpace or Facebook and people use it to give their “followers” little glimpses of their lives. And while we’ve known about this platform for over a year, we never started an offical Twitter account because we felt that maintaining another feed of IMA event news wasn’t compelling enough reason to make the effort. And since we’re never ones to jump on the band wagon unless we’re going to completely commandeer it, for now we’d rather just mention some employees that “tweet” on a regular basis.

Richard is possibly our most successful “tweeter.” If you’ve read his blog posts and know that he’s a conservator, you may be interested in following him and his unique insights into the world of object conservation. It may be wrong to gauge successfulness by number of followers, but Richard is blowing everyone else away with over 230. Go Richard!

Daniel heads up the museum’s New Media efforts and judging by his tweets you’d get the impression that he thinks a lot about this thing called ArtBabble and soccer. Count on Daniel to remind you that old school hip-hop is still pretty good and that spy movies are crucial.

Rob has his own followers and they are treated to the tweets of the museum’s Chief Information Officer. Rob is obviously super involved with thinking of ways to leverage the Internet to work for us; however, not only do his followers get the occasional tech tweet, you can count on Rob to give you tips on coffee and where the food is good.

Matt is our in house web designer and has a tight group of followers. Followers of Matt often catch a glimpse of what it’s like to be a web designer at the IMA. In addition to what’s going on in Matt’s creative world, you can count on him to post a link to something interesting on the web.

Kate and myself round out the known IMA tweeters and can be counted on for what Twitter is basically all about – telling people out there what’s going on in your life. And while the IMA does not offically do Twitter, I’d like to invite anyone out there to follow along to the lives and tweets of real people here at the museum.

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