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Thursday is the new Friday

It’s hard to follow some of our recent posts – especially some very well written pieces by Jenny and Kate.  But I must, and today the focus is European Design.  It’s shaping up to be a pretty decent weekend in Indianapolis.  Around the IMA, lots of us are preparing for the arrival of all-star designers, scholars, designophiles, students, playas, and many more.  European Design Since 1985: Shaping the New Century kicks off tonight with the opening party.  Tomorrow and Saturday will be dedicated to the European Design Symposium – a collection of speakers ranging from Alberto Alessi, IMA’s own R. Craig Miller,  matali crassat, Jerszy Seymour and lots more.  And of course there is the exhibition itself – 250 works of incredible, daring, surreal, beautiful design.  And this is all happening in Indianapolis!!!!

New Media will be pretty busy starting today and into the weekend.  We’ll be documenting both days of the symposium and grabbing interviews with some of the biggest names in the Design world.  Pretty cool.  Now that we’re running ArtBabble, we need to work harder and smarter to bring you the best possible video content.  The European Design Symposium is a perfect opportunity to do add to the ArtBabble selections.

Juli Capella's Homepage

Juli Capella's Homepage

Also participating in the Symposium is designer and architect Juli Capella.   His site is delightful, playful, surreal, funny and professional (all things I hold in high regard).  It’s hard to pull that off, but Juli manages to do that in the physical and online world.  His site is a must see and you can stop by the Symposium to hear from him directly.  I promise its worth it.  So why am I singling him out?

This past fall, I had the opportunity to interview Juli for our In the Factory series.  This series can be found on our iTunes U page or on ArtBabble and focuses on direct interviews with artists and designers.  Dan Dark and Danny Beyer in the Nugget Factory, shoot and edit this series in the same style and we use the same line of questioning for every interview.  I love ITF and once ArtBabble gets out of the beta phase (I promise, very soon), anyone with an internet connection can hear directly from people like Juli Capella, Maya Lin, Emily Kennerk, Alfredo Jaar, Orly Genger and more.  It’s about artists talking directly and honestly about their creative processes, experience in the art world and the act of creating.  Dan and Danny do a fabulous job of revealing these insights through their own creative approach to video editing.  It’s the type of content we should all be focusing on.

So I leave you with Juli’s In the Factory (one of my faves).  It may be Thursday, but it already feels like a Friday.  See you at the IMA?

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3 Responses to “Thursday is the new Friday”

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    Kate Says:

    Thanks for the mention. By the way, I heard the Design Center is going to sell SWATCHES. I’m completely stoked.

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    Emily Says:

    The In the Factory videos are so refreshing and real- the artists always seem relaxed and open, although I do always think it is funny that they can’t think of anything they want to be other than an artist. Really? Not even an astronaut? Come on guys, think of something fun.

    I especially love the one on location with Tony Feher.

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    Terry Says:

    Went to the design show Sunday, and we really enjoyed it. Even bought the hardcover book about it (beautiful). One complaint though, and that is those loud and irritating motion alarms going off what seemed like every 30 seconds. That was one of the first things we talked about as we were leaving, which is a shame.

    Great show though. Really fantastic stuff.

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