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Spring Chirps

Laughing BirdWell, we’ve officially embraced the Twitter revolution on a personal level here at the IMA.

Our timing could of probably been better considering the outlandish and annoying mainstream media coverage over these past few weeks. Just last Friday, Twitter almost had the Best Week Ever (@BWEtv), it was featured on a segment of the Daily Show, and you can’t seem to turn on the news with out hearing a lame joke about tweeting. Don’t be surprised if your grandma starts following you!

The problem I see now is that every organization is jumping in and using it as a marketing tool mostly. The fact is, it can be a great marketing tool, but if you abuse it for that purpose you’re probably going to lose followers in a hurry. If it didn’t work for your blog, it’s definitely not going to work on Twitter. Just my 2 cents.

I’ll be quick to admit, I didn’t get it in the beginning, and I’m sort of late on the tweet train even though I’ve had a Twitter account open for a while now. But I must say, I am a believer! I’m going to try make an effort to give a better look behind the scenes at the IMA over the next few weeks as I hone my skills.

If your not sold like I wasn’t, I’ve compiled a list of links that should give you reason enough to join in on the revolution and hopefully explain what and why better.

10 things to make you a Twitter rock star (in no particular order):

  • Just Tweet It – Find other Twitter users like you! You can search directories and add your name to the pool of users as well.
  • Mr. Tweet – Your personal Twitter networking assistant. Follow @MrTweet and watch your followers grow.
  • TweetDeck – This is an amazing free Adobe Air application. If your checking tweets on the internet, you ain’t seen nothing yet. This desktop app takes tweets to another level.
  • 12seconds – Well, they say tweeting is micro-blogging, so this micro-video site is a great companion if you want to share micro-videos via Twitter.
  • Nearby Tweets – A great tool to see what people near you in proximity are tweeting about. This might creep some people out, but I love it.
  • Twitter Backgrounds Gallery – Show off your design skills or get inspiration from this showcase site of unique Twitter backgrounds.
  • Cligs – Short URLs with analytics!
  • The ReTweetability Index – A list of users based on infectious power of their tweets.
  • Twitter Grader – Get your Twitter ranking.
  • Twitter Start Pack – Your Starter Pack for great marketing, advertising, PR and social media people to follow on Twitter.

Be sure to read Phil’s post from last week on the subject.

What am I missing here? Comment or tweet at me, @mattgipson. This is my first and last post on Twitter… I promise.

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3 Responses to “Spring Chirps”

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    Noelle Says:

    I agree with you Matt that using Twitter as a marketing tool only is a bad idea, but an easy one to fall prey to. It’s enough to make me want to turn tail and run rather than follow…


  • avatar
    Kate Says:

    I had no idea how far a person could run with it. Amazing.


  • avatar
    Jenny Says:

    I needed these twitter hints – thanks Matt!

    PS. My grandma did just befriend me on facebook yesterday – too funny.


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