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Phil’s Pharmacy

Phil's Pharmacy

Indianapolis Art Survey – Scott, over at “On the,” has posted a survey that hopes to collect the thoughts and habits of the Indianapolis art scene. The questions are thought provoking and answering them took about 10 minutes. If you’re in a survey mood, head on over and check it out. – As of late, I’ve had to get pretty good with MS Paint and can really appreciate people being creative with such a simple and broken tool. I’m so used to the constraints of Paint that I actually like it more than say, the Gimp. If you can relate to being creative on a budget that doesn’t include Photoshop, check out this blog with bacon it its title.

Environmental Impact of Google Searches – Who knew?

Koto Sound Team Kyara – This Friday, join us in The Toby as this acclaimed ensemble interprets classical, jazz, and anime themes through traditional Japanese instruments. As much one can rock on a Koto, I expect this performance to be up there as far as “bangers” go. Join us.

Monday Music – “Lucky Girl” by The Pepper Pots. A little sugar for Monday ears that also like to hear a good “Iron Man” reference.The Pepper Pots

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4 Responses to “Phil’s Pharmacy”

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    Anonymous Says:

    Ever try Blackle? Energy-saving search engine…

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    Phil Says:

    @ anonymous

    I have now. Thanks!

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    Emily Says:

    Did you know Goose the Market has a Bacon of the Month Club? Your second entry made me think of that…

    Also, thanks for the heads up to the Google emissions. I had no idea!

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    Scott Says:

    Thanks for the link to our survey at On the Cusp. We have only 8 days left to collect our responses but once we have all the data we will be hosting a public presentation of the results followed by an open town hall style discussion. Hope to see many of you there. Details about the presentation will posted to On the Cusp soon.

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