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Public Service Announcement – Conficker Computer Worm – A worm named “Conficker” is supposedly scheduled to do something devious on April 1. As your Pharmacist, I suggest checking into this bug. If you think you’re infected or want to protect yourself, Microsoft has set up this site to help you.

15 Major Brands Rebrand – What is it about a Global Economic Downturn (GED) that causes a flurry of rebranding? I could be wrong but I would guess that Ford isn’t going to suddenly see a major shift in sales because they’ve decided to drop “ord” from their mark. However, maybe dropping the “ord” is simply a clever cost saving measure. More on Ford here.

the Galactica – A “curated” blog that showcases artistic finds on Flickr. While I’m not sure about the credentials of the curator, I am sure that I like what he/she is finding.

Ghost in the Machine – Speaking of Flickr. Check out this amazing set of images created through the careful alignment of magnetically coated plastic tape. Inspiration includes the likes of Robert Smith, Ian Curtis, and Hendrix.

Monday Music – “Goro Goro Nyang” by Futomomo Satisfaction. Tubas, bikinis, and a guitar that weeps. Check it out.Futomomo Satisfaction

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4 Responses to “Phil’s Pharmacy”

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    Pharmacist Says:

    A bartender is just a pharmacist with a limited inventory.

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    romaric Says:

    Hi there, thanks so much for posting about the galactica! Could have done with out the ” “, but that’s ok. Looked up the definition of curator just to confirm…”One who manages or oversees a collection or a library”. Pretty sure that’s all I’m doing :), so I’d say curator is a good word. (ps, I’ve curated 3 gallery shows in Los Angeles and one in NYC)

    I do thank you for posting though, it’s a fun task to look through all these wonderful images and I’m still so amazed at the wonderful talent found on Flickr!!


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    No disrespect intended about the ” “. Just quoting your description. It’s also a new concept for me :)



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