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THE Place for art video content online.

We always have projects to work on. Some are small, some are big. When we decided we’d bite the bullet and build this beast, it was still just a vision in the future, but one we knew had to be done. Projects came, and went. New projects were sandwiched in our tight schedule. Pieces of the puzzle all fell together and behold April 7th is here. We can finally proudly announce to the world, the arrival of public beta release with a jolt of new content contributors to sweeten the pot!

It had always been our goal to create a website that we could share. One that would bring Art content from different places and perspectives together, easily accessed and found. We’ve been lucky enough to work with the New York Public Library, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and Art21, with the promise of more content contributors & videos and a continued strive to improve the user experience by adding a slew of features over time.

The team that worked on ArtBabble spans many departments and areas of expertise, and external collaborators & partners. It’d be hard for me to articulate all aspects of this project. On ArtBabble, we pay a lot of attention to quotes and interaction. So I thought it’d be fitting to ask the crack team of art techies who have been working on this website what babbles they’d like to share. I’m not of fan of comment begging, but please leave your interesting tidbits here. Please, feel free to ask questions… we’ll answer them here as well.

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    This isn’t necessarily an interesting tidbit, but I just wanted to say BRAVO! to you all. Artbabble is fantastic!

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    Rob Stein Says:

    I think that one of the best parts for me of the launch last night was the crazy group chat many of us had going on while were were working on moving the staging site to become live.

    It had been a long day already! The NYTimes article went online significantly earlier than we thought it might (9pm-ish)… We’d had some of the to-be-expected technical glitches and some that weren’t so expected. We were all scurrying for the final, final, final time… In the middle of all of that, this chat with many of us from the IMA plus the Art21 guys was exactly what I needed!

    ArtBabble was born a little early, at 11:11pm EST on the 6th… And we couldn’t be happier! We’re really very honored to partner with such a great crew!


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    Ed Says:

    It’s really rewarding to see the ArtBabble player feeding video streams to the hundreds of people who have been connecting this morning (we’re getting close to 100 simultaneous streams). I don’t really know what else to say… I just hope everyone is having a great time.

    Many thanks to everyone who provided such awesome content!

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    Charlie Says:

    One of those “technical glitches” Rob mentioned was that all the notes on videos disappeared last night right before launch. My heart sank into my stomach thinking of the months of lost work. Luckily we were able to recover everything and things worked seamlessly afterward.

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    Emily Says:

    I think this site is filling the perfect niche. Play Art Loud, that really says it all. Art is about emotion, and passion, and I think it is for everyone’s enjoyment. It’s about being human. I hope someone who feels uncomfortable in a museum can connect a little easier through the great art videos they can watch in the comfort of their own home, no previous experience necessary.

    I’m excited and honored to be a small part of ArtBabble. Play Art Loud!

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    We’re so pleased at Art21 to be participating in this project!

    For too long video on art has been ghettoized as a substandard or simply corollary experience to the important work that happens in exhibitions, in catalog essays, and in classrooms. It’s time video stepped into the spotlight. ArtBabble is a call to action, a safe haven for creativity, and an energetic place to seek pleasure and just have a little fun.

    How many nights have been kept awake thinking: What if there were a website where I could go and find every video on, with, or by an artist? What if there were a place online where I could meet and collaborate with talented and creative people who like documentary film and video art as much as I do? And wouldn’t it be great if it just existed — from my perspective, at least — and I didn’t have to program it, design it, or worry if it was going to break?

    As the Associate Curator at Art21, I have the privilege of producing dynamic video content on contemporary art & artists that stands on it’s own — because I think video on art just matters — and I’m so pleased to be able to share this passion alongside the work by fellow colleagues in the world of television and museums, and hopefully soon, an ecstatic and loyal community of ArtBabble users.


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    Congrats an a great site and the NYT coverage. Great for the IMA, the city, and arts lovers everywhere.

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    Jenny Mikulay Says:

    I really appreciate the abundant collaborative energy that infuses ArtBabble. It’s apparent in the way the notes create linkages to ideas, organizations, and projects discussed in the videos. I would love to see the notes area expand to reflect the associations ArtBabble users make between video content and activities in our communities. This is all very exciting–thank you for building it!

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    Danny Says:

    It’s great to see so many institutions come together to create something amazing. It’s not just an IMA Video site. It’s ArtBabble.

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    Dan Says:

    My favorite memories of the project are planning session in The Nugget Factory. Outlining the earliest steps (name, influences, what videos will or will not be on there) and getting all excited about the potential. Well looking back I don’t think we could have done a better job for the launch and I still can’t believe all those crazy brainstorm sessions months ago are now into a coherent site. The design and the video quality are 20x better than I thought it would be at those early meetings. Congrats to all the guys in The Charlie Factory (or Tech Lab)for creating the site!

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    Daniel Says:

    Too many highlights to mention, but here are some:

    – We started the video movement at IMA with this video:
    Now there’s ArtBabble!

    – Charlie’s reaction last night when he thought he erased all of the ArtBabble Notes.

    – Coming up with the name ArtBabble.

    – Working with all the partners, but also the incredibly talented staff here at our museum. This was developed entirely in-house. That’s unbelievable.

    – And last night was pretty cool… helping launch this site with everyone and enjoying a great glass of scotch (at home, of course).

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    Kate Says:

    What I am excited about the most is… what’s next. I can’t help but wonder where ArtBabble will be in a year from now.. two year… ten years?! The web is moving and adapting so fast. Who knows what AB will morph into as well. Here’s to the future. Babble on.

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    I am so excited that Art21 is participating in ArtBabble that I wrote a blog post on As Manager of Public Programs and Education, ArtBabble provides a new way to engage with people. I am glad that this platform exists and am excited to see what ideas come out of it!

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    Jemima Rellie Says:

    I just wanted to offer huge congratulations to the entire team and all the partners who pulled this off. Really a stellar achievement, as I now expect from the team behind Dashboard, the Deaccessioned Artwork Database etc.

    I’m especially impressed that all these all these not-for-profit efforts have developed independently from the commercial internet giants.

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!


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    I wanted to offer an immense congratulations to the IMA team too. Not only is it a delectable looking site, but it’s pumped full of amazing content that drives & rewards deeper and deeper engagement.

    Call me slow, but I only just cottoned on recently to the fact that ArtBabble is a multi-source site, not just an (awesome!) IMA initiative. So that makes my congratulations even bigger, if possible; I know just how hard stuff like that is, and I can’t wait to see this site get the audience and love that it deserves.

    — Courtney

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    Ed Says:

    ArtBabble had a great first day!

    We still have over a hundred online users and around 60 concurrent video streams on ArtBabble, and there were 9,059 total visits yesterday. 1,543 notes were expanded to reveal more information, and our most popular video already has 3,286 views (on-site and embedded combined).

    Wow! Babble On!

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    Nice work Matt and company. I look forward to watching as it continues to evolve!

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    Matt Says:

    Chantal, The Urbanophile, Jenny, Jemima & Courtney… thank you for the kind words! Tom, that means a lot. I’m glad you dig the site!

    I never really added my own experiences to this post. Similar to Daniel & Charlie, the night we were pulling the strings for the launch was pretty intense and gratifying! Very exciting stuff indeed. The defining moment for me was seeing all of the partner videos & content published on the site. We are extremely lucky to have such great partners on board!!

    Since ArtBabble’s launch, the outreach of support and inquiries for content partners has been truly amazing. I have a feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg. Looking forward to meeting partners(current and future) at the Museums and the Web ’09 conference next week!

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