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Recapping Museums and the Web 2009

I thought I would follow up Ed’s MW2009 preview with an after the fact look at the online remnants of the conference.

Brooklyn Museum flat out swept the Best of the Web awards and their main website won the overall award.  A huge congratulations from all of us at the IMA for a well-deserved recognition. (Be sure to watch their virtual thank you.)  As if that weren’t enough, I totally missed the news that Brooklyn released an API for their collection.  Even better, someone has already created an iPhone app for them using it.  Open developer access to the IMA’s collection just got a huge bump in priority for me.

We had a great meetup with some of the tech staff of NYPL.  Their group is of a scale and quality that we are quite envious of.  We are greatly looking forward to future collaborations with them. (They’re an ArtBabble partner.)

In the presentation realm the IMA had a cloud computing talk, an evaluation of online video for museums, a solicitation for feedback for the Steve in Action IMLS grant, and an ArtBabble demo.  Other favorites from outside the IMA include alternate reality games, a galaxy of pop stars, and a massive update coming soon to ArtsConnectEd.

Our own Melvin & Bren Simon Director and CEO gave the opening keynote which you can watch in full on ArtBabble or at the bottom of this post.  It even inspired a great series on transparency for the Museums and the Web conference itself.

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5 Responses to “Recapping Museums and the Web 2009”

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    Matt Says:

    I hadn’t seen that Brooklyn Museum virtual thank you yet… what a great idea. Very well done, & congrats!!!

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    Hi Charlie,

    I’ve been meaning to thank you guys for posting Max’s plenary to ArtBabble. Since we couldn’t be at MW this year, it was a real boon to be able to see it from our armchairs! Thrilled you guys are thinking about an API…I can’t wait to see what comes when developers start mashing up all our data together :)

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    I just wanted to say how knocked out everyone from out of town was with Indianapolis, the quality of the museums (esp IMA) andthe quality of what you all are doing. Truly a wonderful time, hope to be back soon. I hope the publicity from this helps keep IMA at the top of everyone’s list as leaders in online work among cultural non-profits. Get some rest! RJ

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    Charlie Says:

    Thanks Rohn! We appreciate your kind words.

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