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Everybody, everybody

Last Thursday we had a Staff Planting Day. While there may indeed be a few staff I might like to see planted this was really about non-Horticulture staff helping in the gardens for a couple hours. A chance for the poor souls to get outside and experience non-fluorescent light. A chance for them to feel air moving not by machine but by the forces of nature. A chance for them to get some dirt under their nails as they scrape and climb their way up the corporate ladder. Turn out was excellent, about 24 people. Here’s a large group at the Sutphin Fountain.


We actually had to separate them into three groups going off with different Horticulturists. Even then we ran out of planting work and a large group worked on cutting back some daffodil foliage. In less than an hour we got around 70 flats planted.
I only managed to photograph the people working in my areas. I tried very hard not to get a bunch of butt shots. No one ever seems to want to be immortalized with their hiney pointed at the camera.

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Some IMA Summer Plans

The end of the long soccer season always signals the beginning of summer for me. So, when Manchester United got soundly beaten (2-0) by a technically superior FC Barcelona last night in Rome, I immediately turned my thoughts to the summer. As you may or may not know, I occasionally try to throw in some soccer talk when possible, and I try to make it somewhat relevant.  In this case, it’s the teaser into some of the things we’re doing at the IMA this summer.  Not bad, huh?

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Free Admission

Yesterday, I was catching up on Seth’s Blog and came across a post that mentions a restaurant in Denver, Colorado that has a new menu every week full of healthy organic dishes without prices. Sounds swank, right? Wrong. The restaurant’s name is So All May Eat Cafe (SAME) and operates under a donation model. Instead of the usual check at the end of the meal, guests get an envelope for a donation. If no donation can be made, the owners offer the guest the opportunity to help out a little in the kitchen. Cool, huh?

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IMA Hidden Talents Festival Wrap-Up


It’s things like this that remind me how lucky I am to work where I do. How many workplaces do you know that have a talent show!? You won’t see this in any of our galleries, at least not anytime soon, but it’s all amazing stuff!

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Number Two


As the IMA website indicates, we have taken official possession of the Miller House and Garden in Columbus, Indiana. This will make the second National Historic Landmark property the IMA has in its collection (Oldfields-Lilly House and Gardens being the first). How’s that for bragging rights! As a practical matter however, home ownership is not all fun and games in this situation. Ahead lies a road of challenges for the staff working on MHG teams.

Columbus is an hour’s drive south of Indy, which makes it difficult to explore the house and conduct business with the current local staff. Director of Lilly House Operations Bradley Brooks, head of our team of six, has spent a lot of time on the phone and making the trek south in the run-up to taking possession of the property. He has interacted with everyone from members of the Miller family to a nephew of  Eero Saarinen. Bradley has been, and continues to be a very busy beaver.

The task of converting a residential property into a museum showcase has been an educational experience for our team, so far. It has forced us to look at all the things we do here at the museum, a lot of which we take for granted, and formulate how to adapt and transplant these practices to a former family home fifty miles away.

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