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Phil’s Pharmacy


YooouuuTuuube – The creative exuberance of the web has touched my brain this beautiful Monday morning. I like this video mosaic creation thing/tool/hack a lot. Try it out for yourself by picking a YouTube video URL you want to mess around with and have this site create your psychedelic amateurpiece. Muppet fans should definitely check this one out of Beaker performing “Ode to Joy.”

BKLYN Designs – About a week ago I went to see the Tara Donovan exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati. Since then, I’ve had my eye out for neat designs made of funky materials. The BKLYN show caught my eye. Speaking of design, we’ve got a design show going on and it’s kind of a big deal.

Storker ProjectMark Jenkins is an artist that is also doing cool stuff with an interesting material. Check out Mark’s often funny and adorable images of little guys made out of packing tape hanging out on stuff.

Monday Music – “New In Town” by Little Boots (Fred Falke Remix).\”New in Town\” (Fred Falke Remix) by Little Boots

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    Molly Says:

    So true! Tara’s work inspires on many levels. Creatively speaking, it’s easy to bring your “A game” with her exhibition as your playground every day. We are in the midst of de-install and considering all the Cincinnati love that came her way I’m half surprised the city hasn’t organized a memorial service yet. The only thing that makes saying good bye to the show easier is the killer season we have coming up. Glad you were able to make it down while it was on view!

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