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Everyone’s a Winner!

IRT Facade

IRT Facade

I recently got the chance to go see Crowns at the Indiana Repertory Theatre. It was great- the actors had good voices, the hats were compelling and fun and funny, the set was interesting and transitioned well for the actors from scene to scene. Most importantly, the audience loved it and really got into the story. To my surprise, there were a lot of kids there who enjoyed it, too. Way to go, Indy people, for taking your kids to the theatre.

But, I’m not actually interested in making this a theatre review. I have been thinking lately, spurned on by the recent culture rally Indy Culture Matters, about the large amount of cultural offerings we have available to us here in Indy. I have also been thinking about how much this defines the city as a thriving, important global community with an invested, artistic population. Most of our residents care about culture, and support it. But, I think the part that some people forget about is that fact that the institutions and organizations that comprise the local arts scene all actually support Indianapolis residents. Jobs, tourism, revenue- and more than our sports teams bring in, too.

So, get out and see the newest show at IRT, Interpreting William (which is based on the story of the founder of Conner Prairie.) If you aren’t into theatre, try something else.  Some events have shockingly cheap tickets. Indianapolis has countless offerings: Museums, gallery walks, historical houses, gardens, the zoo, the symphony. We have so much going on all the time, and it’s a shame to let all that amazing culture be wasted on JUST the tourists.

Feel free to comment and let me know of all the cool Indianapolis hot spots I left out!

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    I’d never visited the Conservatory and sunken gardens in Garfield Park until a few weeks ago. I’ve been brushing up on my photography skills, and took the opportunity to visit during the orchid show. The conservatory is gorgeous. Well worth a visit.

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    Oh, and another suggestion… visit one of Indianapolis’ many historic neighborhoods and stroll around looking at the architecture. Lockerbie, Chatham Arch, St. Joseph’s, Old Northside, Herron-Morton Place are all lovely. Visit the Riley home on Lockerbie Street. I’m partial to Old Northside because I live there; stroll west on 13th street from College, stop by the Morris Butler house, and then continue to Delaware to visit the Benjamin Harrison home. Lovely houses everywhere.

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    Emily Says:

    Thanks, Steph!

    I really enjoy the near Northside and looking at the architecture, too. Same thing goes for Meridian Kessler. My favorite park is Holiday park on Springmill, great light for photos.

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