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Some IMA Summer Plans

The end of the long soccer season always signals the beginning of summer for me. So, when Manchester United got soundly beaten (2-0) by a technically superior FC Barcelona last night in Rome, I immediately turned my thoughts to the summer. As you may or may not know, I occasionally try to throw in some soccer talk when possible, and I try to make it somewhat relevant.  In this case, it’s the teaser into some of the things we’re doing at the IMA this summer.  Not bad, huh?

New Media will have a very busy summer, both inside and out.

Regarding the great outdoors, we plan on installing more of the bird cams in 100 Acres.  You may have seen this video, but our hope is to capture more activity of the critters that inhabit the park (hopefully a fox!), as well as the changes that will take place this summer with construction and the beginning of art installations.  We’ll be on hand to try and capture all the activity and of course snag as many artist interviews as possible for ArtBabble.  It’s not a bad time to wander out into nature with a video camera.

100 Acres, you should check it out sometime

100 Acres, you should check it out sometime

Speaking of ArtBabble, we’re working very hard on growing the site and adding content.  From IMA’s perspective, that includes our own agressive approach to producing video content, which will focus on visiting artists, exhibition related pieces and a major documentary (more on that in a future post).  The broader strategy for ArtBabble is to grow engaging and innovative content from other AB partners.  This means more videos and more museums.  I speak for everyone at IMA when I say we’re excited about the new crop of organizations joining ArtBabble.

And if we weren’t busy enough, we’re also developing a handheld tour for the upcoming Sacred Spain exhibition.  This handheld experience will function on an iPod Touch and will be available at the IMA during the exhibition.  Charlie, Ed, Matt and Rob have all been busy developing the framework for the application itself.  For most of the summer, we will be working very closely with curatorial, education and design staff to develop and shape the visitor experience of this handheld tour.  We will focus heavily on building connections to the impressive works of art in the exhibition by using video, audio, high res imagery and a couple of other tricks up our sleeve.  The main goal is not the technology itself (although I think it’s cool), but the content or stories we tell to help our visitors discover connections to the artists or their works.  It’s a process much easier said than done.  But much more on this in another post.  In the meantime, enjoy a current mock-up of part of the interface.

Early interface design

Early interface design

So, what are your summer plans?

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