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Everybody, everybody

Last Thursday we had a Staff Planting Day. While there may indeed be a few staff I might like to see planted this was really about non-Horticulture staff helping in the gardens for a couple hours. A chance for the poor souls to get outside and experience non-fluorescent light. A chance for them to feel air moving not by machine but by the forces of nature. A chance for them to get some dirt under their nails as they scrape and climb their way up the corporate ladder. Turn out was excellent, about 24 people. Here’s a large group at the Sutphin Fountain.


We actually had to separate them into three groups going off with different Horticulturists. Even then we ran out of planting work and a large group worked on cutting back some daffodil foliage. In less than an hour we got around 70 flats planted.
I only managed to photograph the people working in my areas. I tried very hard not to get a bunch of butt shots. No one ever seems to want to be immortalized with their hiney pointed at the camera.

A very relaxed plantswoman.


Busy  hands.


Guess who’s planting here with diamonds flashing like Paula Deen’s hands in biscuit dough?


If you guessed the woman wearing I heart HR you were right.


Really want to mention one of the perennials in bloom this week, Campanula ‘Sarastro’. This bellflower with its huge bright glossy blue flowers is a stunner.


They are a bit rambunctious but not dangerous. They would make excellent cut flowers too.


‘Sarastro’ is pushing two feet tall and easily that wide. So far it has stayed pretty upright despite the rains and such large flowers in such great numbers. A fussy gardener would definitely do some staking.

It’s been a very busy couple weeks and plenty more to do so I’m cutting this blog a bit shorter than normal.

Oops! I forgot to tell you. We get our honey bees Monday.

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