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Project Management System @ the IMA

One of the more complex software projects we have undertook at the IMA happens to be the one we talk least about publicly. Athena, is a Project Management System created by the IMA back in late 2007. At the time, there was a lack of a good open source solution and online commercial alternatives did not allow us to own the data. It also was our first chance to cut our Drupal teeth. I’m happy to look back at 18 months and see that it has been used quite successfully by most of the staff (and a lot of non-staff).

A view of a user dashboard

A view of a user dashboard

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Phil’s Pharmacy


Phil’s Pharmacy prescribes the following links to combat Monday online anemia. – With its emphasis on “ideas and products in the intersection of art, design, culture and technology,” CoolHunting just may be the site I’ve always been looking for. New, neat, and interesting stuff is posted frequently and with a PageRank of 7, I’m totally stumped as to why I’ve never seen this site until now. As for some content on the site that I think is worth a look, I’m into lighting artist, Marcus Tremonto’s The Paper Landscapes which reminds me of a little Tara Donovan mixed with Tron mixed with Portal. Also on CoolHunting, Ryan McGinness’s recent show that I’m now only able to experience via the web. – Home to a very cool stop motion animation film called MUTO that was created on regular old public walls. Street art mixed with stop motion is very satisfying. – I’m pretty self absorbed. However, I don’t think my Internet fans are able to tell that from my tweets. I should get on that. Until then, here’s a page with a stream of hilarious Twitter updates from users that Tweeting too Hard has identified as self important. A taste, “fan belt light came on in the 911 so now I’m driving the Cayenne Turbo S – the backup, backup car. Trying not to think about the Tesla…”

Monday Music – “Ecology” by Anni Rossi. She’s playing tonight at the Wexner Center for the Arts with Camera Obscura. I’ll be there. \”Ecology\” by Anni Rossi

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Too Damn Hot

I’m sorry. I know I’m supposed to be used to whatever nature throws my way. But really, 90-plus degrees in June? That’s just hateful. Hateful. I live in Indiana. I know the deal. It can be freezing one night and 80 a day or two later. I know to accept the weather. I – know – to – accept – the – weather. Knowing and doing ain’t always in sync. I love my tropicals and summer annuals and this weather is ideal for them. I want big bananas. I need big banana heat. The fact is though, normal June temps of 80 or so are just fine for growing bananas. I’m not freakin’ Carmen Miranda trying to grow a new hat.


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Mama don’t take my Kodachrome away


Just days before the opening of the exhibition “Kodachrome Culture: The American Tourist in Europe,” Kodak announced that it would discontinue Kodachrome film.

First Polaroid, now this?!

The slide film, known for its rich colors and clarity, has been available commercially since 1935. It now accounts for less than 1% of Kodak’s still-film sales. You’ve probably seen this famous Kodachrome portrait:

Sharbat Gula, Afghan Girl, at Nasir Bagh refugee camp near Peshawar, Pakistan, 1984. © Steve McCurry

Sharbat Gula, Afghan Girl, 1984. © Steve McCurry

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European Design Online Recap

ed website screenshotThis past Sunday, European Design Since 1985: Shaping the New Century was on view for the last time before the museum shifts gears over to its next special exhibition, Sacred Spain: Art and Belief in the Spanish World. EuroDesign is and was a magnificent achievement and a huge thanks goes out to everyone who made the show possible. Good work.

Even though the show has only been over for a few days now, I thought it would be interesting and a little fun to recap some of the online stuff that happened around European Design. Read the rest of this entry »

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