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How hard should I fight the impulse to sit on this couch and watch the traffic go by on Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, just south of the IMA?  Why am I charmed by a couch on a sidewalk?


This couch is the sadness of a party that’s over, or some desire that’s run its course.  It also highlights the contrast between the soft comfort of furniture, versus the mean streets and the unforgiving elements (i.e., torrential rains this week).  The couch’s presence here puts us in a strange netherland that’s half Martha Stewart, half feral.  There’s something innocent about it too.  Do you think the couch seems ready to face the big bad world, perhaps for the first time?

I don’t think an artist arranged this incongruent scene – but this weekend some will be.  The Indy art group Primary Colours is staging Installation Nation, from 6 – 11 pm tomorrow and Sunday, on the vacant lot at the corner of College and Michigan Avenues (admission $5).

Thirteen artists, including Brian Priest and Lori Miles, were given old shipping containers.  Whole worlds may be created within and around these containers.  Buzz is that there’s a “ride” involved.  And of course, the best art experiences involve being taken for a ride of some sort.

…then the ride comes to an end, weeds choke the vehicle, and birds nest in the glove box.

Here’s a snippet of a poem of mine on this general topic:

In the field, abandoned, antique
gasoline pumps and refrigerators
rust beneath a bath of foliage,
vines and veins,
cooled in a green strangle.

Here’s to all the old school buses rusting away in yards across America.  See you at Installation Nation.

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