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Phil’s Pharmacy prescribes the following links to combat Monday online anemia.

100 Best Scholarly Art Blogs – For what it’s worth, our little blog is on a top 100 list posted by University Reviews Online.  For what it’s even more worth, we’re sitting with some pretty good company e.g. Eye Level, Brooklyn Museum, and Museum 2.0. URO, thanks for the nod.

The Art of the Brick – Art made from interesting materials is sure to catch my eye. Therefore, you know my eyes were totally caught when I saw that artist Nathan Sawaya has over 1.5 million Lego bricks in his New York studio that he uses to create sculptures like the ones found in his show, The Art of the Brick. Thanks to for the eye catcher.

Speckyboy Design Magazine – A slick design blog that frequently mentions techy things that I care about e.g. Twitter, WordPress, Drupal, robots built with trash, stop motion Lego films, etc. Check out this blog for tools and tips for your creative front and back ends.

Monday Music – “Bull Black Nova” by Wilco. \”Bull Black Nova\” by Wilco

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