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Celebrating Mpozi Tolbert

July 3rd, 2009 marked the 3 year anniversary of the passing of an Indianapolis arts, music and culture hero DJ Mpozi Tolbert. To mark the anniversary, amongst the multiple celebrations, solar powered lighting was installed on the north wall of Spin Nightclub in Broad Ripple to highlight the mural painted by local Indy artists in 2008.

The Mpozi mural at Spin in Broad Ripple gets solar lighting. Photo by @Muirwoody

The Mpozi mural at Spin in Broad Ripple gets solar lighting. Photo by @Muirwoody

Here is a video, produced by IndyStar, documenting the making of the mural dedicated to Mpozi Tolbert. Much more after the jump…

More on Mpozi Tolbert from around the web:

This quote from an article in NUVO (2008) sums up the kind of guy he was nicely:

He wasn’t a black man; he wasn’t a DJ; he wasn’t a photographer; he was an everybody kind of guy,” said DJ LeahAnne. “He could talk to a farmer in Putnam County or a guy in a business suit. The city will miss him because that persona was a good presence. He was one of those people you’ll never, ever forget.”

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5 Responses to “Celebrating Mpozi Tolbert”

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    Kate Says:

    I love that someone found a sustainable/green way to honor his memory.

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    My first article in my college newspaper was about going to Reggae Night at the Casba and slapping the ceiling while yelling “more fire” at the selecta. Besides “Ever Blazin” by Sean Paul, it was Mpozi on the ones and twos. Dude had great taste in music.

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    Kyle Says:

    Mpozi would show up at our weekly DJ nights right after work and would play his butt off. You would think that he just got out of bed with the energy he had. But that was ‘pozi, he always had this warm smile and energy that he shared with everyone, through his conversations, music or his photos, he was one of a kind. I am thankful for the time I got to spend with him, he made me a better person.

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    LaTanya Whitehead Says:

    Mpozi was a great human being…with his gentle smile and funny sense of humor. I had the pleasure of knowing the tall dred locked man. He will definitely missed and forever loved!

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