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Rock-Afire Explosions in My Racing Dreams

IIFF09_logo_sq_color_LOAs my first time attending an organized multi-day movie experience, the opening week of the Indianapolis International Film Festival here at the IMA has made a great first impression. What’s left an impression so far? Well, I laughed my sad/happy heart out for the animated wonder Sita Sings The Blues, got my throat choked-up by the plight of a little orphan tyke in Prince of Broadway, and joined the cult of Best Worst Movie right after I got my picture taken with the dad from Troll 2!  Given my already stellar performance as film festival attendee and a personal must see list still containing multiple films, anticipation for the remaining days of the IIFF is high.

So what else is on my list? Well, as a kid who grew up in the 80s, pizza, video games, and animatronic-animal robot bands will always be a big deal to me. Therefore, I’m dying to see Thursday night’s showing of that Showbiz Pizza movie called The Rock-Afire Explosion, “the story of a small-town car salesman, a struggling inventor, and an animatronic rock band, that quickly becomes an eccentric portrait of childhood memories, broken dreams, and the resilience of the human spirit.” Sounds fantastically wacky, huh? Check the trailer below.

After Thursday’s robot-con-pizza pleasure fest, the next film on my must see IIFF list is a documentary called Racing Dreams. Produced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson of Race to Witch Mountain fame, Friday night’s tale of speed chronicles the lives of a group of go-karting kids as they pilot their dreams towards motor speedway glory. With the Tour de France winding down (and up the mountains) and the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard being my favorite spectacle in goofy name choice rather than racing, I’m really counting on Racing Dreams to tide me over until MotoGP in August. Check out a preview of Racing Dreams below.

Saturday, July 25,  marks the end of my film festival rookie season and the beginning of my wait for 2010’s. However, before next year’s IIFF comes around, we all have one more chance to see the films awarded for Best Documentary, Best American Cinema, and Best World Cinema. If you’ve missed the festival so far or were only able to catch a show or two, Saturday is your chance to see the best films this year’s IIFF had to offer.

Click here for a full IIFF schedule.

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