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The Pharmacy prescribes the following links to combat Monday online anemia.

The Hipster Mom

Blog: The Hipster Mom

With the tag line “Is it too early to start drinking?”  NYC’s Samantha Moeller, founder of Missbehave Magazine takes a sassy, non-traditional approach to mommy blogging. For those of you with baby fever and an unhealthy obsession with Chuck Taylors, rejoice.

ArtBabble Video: Matthew Ritchie: “The Morning Line”

Matthew Ritchie discusses his exhibition The Morning Line (2008) in his New York studio, with animated architectural schematics of the installation. 

IMA Work of Art:

Angel of the Resurrection by Louis Comfort Tiffany

Angel of the Resurrection by Louis Comfort Tiffany



Art21’s Wes Miller on ArtBabble: “It was kind of in the air—in the zeitgeist. It needed to exist” (via @noellepulliam)

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