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Making Believe

As a Horticulturist and a plant slut I am always looking for new plants to try. The fact that some, technically, are not hardy is of little concern. The catalogue may say zone 6 but it really means 5 I’m sure. If a plant is listed as a zone 7, well, lots of time we have zone 6 winters so really 7 is just one zone off. Close enough. I’ll take one.


Lycoris chinensis

I am not alone in this desire to push the limits of hardiness. I know a lot of people with Zonal Denial. Virtually all my coworkers and many friends as well are afflicted. I’ve long said that if I was gardening in the tropics I’m sure I would be trying to grow maples and beeches. It must be the I-can’t –have-it-so-I-want-it-even-more syndrome. Before I can even tell you about some successes I must confess some failures (it’s the recovering Catholic in me).

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Type A Team Building: Blogapalooza Part 4 (we think it’s 4)

Dear Team Builders,

So, it has been quite some time since we last blogged. Got tons of reasons why. Let’s see, we can start with our planning and facilitating our last Team Building meeting (which occurred in June). We’re also in production mode for our upcoming gallery and museum shows. We have family obligations that include end-of-the-school-year festivities. We have our other, extra-curricular activities such as martial arts and band practice.

But no excuses.

Wea culpa.

Members from a variety of IMA departments participate in the Type A project.

Members from a variety of IMA departments participate in the Type A project.

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Embrace the Ugly

When is destruction gorgeous and true?  At the Marion County Fair Demolition Derby.  On a trip there earlier this month, I was awed by the performative aspects of the event.  You could say the derby was as spectacular as anything we’ve presented at the IMA, except perhaps the stunning 2008 Summer Solstice event featuring a Japanese Butoh dancer named Oguri who moved into the fountain on the Lilly House allee and emerged, steaming, in the rays of a powerful searchlight at the moment the sun dropped below the horizon.


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Not another new guy

Yes that’s right there are two new people working/blogging at the IMA.  Along with Kris, I am working with the IMA to continue to grow our online presence.  I am currently working on the Steve Tagger project (more info here).  So how did I get here?


Moving Time

Yes that’s right, I moved here from the center of America, Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  I actually am a native Hoosier but moved further out west a few years ago.  South Dakota is an interesting place, it is very flat and has a lot of wind.  There are a lot of windmill farms popping up all over the state.  We enjoyed living in South Dakota but the opportunity at the museum was a good excuse to move back.

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The Pharmacy


The Pharmacy prescribes the following links to combat Monday online anemia.

Blog: Kath Eats Real Food

Who doesn’t love some good food porn? Kath posts gorgeous photos of everything (literally everything) she eats to her blog to illustrate that eating healthy can be delicious.

ArtBabble Video: YBCA Inside Out: A good idea? The Pilot

YBCA (new comers to ArtBabble) has a video series that documents the behind-the-scenes of their workplace. Think ‘The Hills’ for the museum world.

IMA Work of Art: UP7 (II Piede)

UP7 (II Piede), 1969

UP7 (II Piede), 1969


Photo_booth_normal mooshinindy Yes. While #gencon is awesome…#blogINDIANA is where it’s at. (Besides we’re all going to Gen Con tonight. WHEE!!)

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