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The Pharmacy


The Pharmacy prescribes the following links to combat Monday online anemia.


Blog: Eat Me Daily

Eat Me Daily is a blog about food with a critical (and sometimes cynical) take on the culture at large, including media, books, cookbooks, art, design, celebrity, fashion, robots, and cookery.

ArtBabble Video: Director’s Journal: Virgin of Guadalupe

Learn about current IMA events with Melvin and Bren Simon Director and CEO Maxwell Anderson. This episode features a conversation with senior curator Ronda Kasl and conservator Christina O’Connell about the painting of the Virgin of Guadalupe, for the IMA’s exhibition Sacred Spain, running through January 2010. Listen in as they discuss the painting, its history, and how it was restored in the IMA’s conservation lab.

IMA Work of Art:


LOVE by Robert Indiana


vangoghmuseum: @boijmans Congratulations on the launch of ArtTube, a brand new videochannel! the Dutch #ArtBabble?

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