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Grab your cameras. Fall is upon us.

By far, my favorite season of the year at the IMA is fall.  Currently we’re right into the series of weeks where the grounds transform into this amazing color palette of reds, oranges and yellows.  I happen to start working for the IMA late September three years ago, just in time to experience the magnificence and get hooked.

Indianapolis Museum of Art Garden, Pony Bridge contributed by Terry.Tyson

Indianapolis Museum of Art Garden, Pony Bridge; contributed by Terry.Tyson

I’m not the only one captured by the seasons, as shown by the IMA Flickr Group.  As of this writing we have over 200 members and we are pushing dangerously close to 2000 images!  It’s wonderful to see the many vantage points brought together to a single point on the web.

Here’s a few photos I captured three years ago shortly after starting at the IMA.  They are not altered in any way.  I always revel in these photos and tell people about them.  So I am taking my opportunity now to share them with you.

Grab the extinguisher. This trees on fire.

Grab the extinguisher. This tree's on fire!

Check out the latest additions to the Flickr group and please join us by sharing your fall photos as well.

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3 Responses to “Grab your cameras. Fall is upon us.”

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    Carren Says:

    I understand what you mean. The fall just inspires such a burst of color that one can’t help breaking out their cameras. Here are some photos of Central New York ( taken while walking home.

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    Libbe Says:

    I spent a blissful hour wandering the IMA grounds on Saturday afternoon and just wanted to express my thanks. The landscape is beautiful, the fall colors are awesome and there’s something interesting around every corner. The hard work, talent and dedication of the IMA horticulture staff is apparent everywhere you look. Thank you for creating such a space in Indianapolis for everyone to enjoy.

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    Jeep Says:

    The Arts and Nature Park. What can you say? Indianapolis has a limited amount of ‘natural’ green space compared to other cities of its size. The 100 acres behind IMA was a pleasant place to get away. The lack of man-made structures made for a secluded get away right in the city.

    Now Indianapolis has its limited store of green space reduced more with the recent additions of these man-made hunks of debris.

    Utilities had to be run. Maintenance will have to be performed. The Park will be decidedly more art than nature. The conceptual idea of the park would make sense in a city where we had am abundant supply of wooded green space. Indy doesn’t have that. In the end the art in the ‘Nature’ park is no different than putting condos in – at least for the trees, fungi and kingfishers.

    What would have been VISIONARY would be putting the sculpture park in any of numerous industrial and commercial dead spaces that litter Indianapolis. Just go a few miles west to the Lafeyette Square Mall area. There are miles and miles of worthless commercial store front and parking lots that could have been transformed into an urban arts park. In fact ‘nature’ could be brought back into these areas. Art could be brought in, and the urban art park could be a dynamic toward changes in these wasted areas.

    Instead we have a reduced the value of another Indianapolis greenspace.

    The 100 acre nature/sculpture park.

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