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The Pharmacy prescribes the following links to combat Monday online anemia.


Blog: Vogel Appliance Blog

Flashy? No. Practical? Oh yes. If you’ve ever wondered how much dish soap you really need, this blog is for you.  This local appliance blog gives you tips and tricks that might help you save serious moolah come the winter season. And it’s coming soon.

ArtBabble Video: Jean Shin: Common Threads

Artist Jean Shin and Curator Joanna Marsh discuss the exhibition Jean Shin: Common Threads at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Topics include: new work commissioned by the American Art Museum titled Everyday Monuments, a cityscape constructed from losing lottery tickets called Chance City, and Unraveling, an installation inspired by the complexities of the Asian American Art community.

IMA Work of Art:

Still Life with Profile of Laval Artist Gauguin, Paul

Still Life with Profile of Laval by Paul Gauguin



What a great evening at the IMA! Saw Osso, DM Stith, and The BQE with Q&A w/Sufjan Stevens. All were incredible!

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