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Picture Searching with Google Goggles

Yesterday Google announced a new application for Android phones called Google Goggles (We will see if this makes its way to the iPhone too).  The application allows you to take a photo of something and then it does a search based on the content of that photo.  Google highlights that this application works well when searching Landmarks, Books, Artworks, Places, and Logos.

(via curiousexpeditions)

(via curiousexpeditions)

Of course the search function we would be most interested in is for the artworks.  With this application museum visitors could use their phone to quickly look up extended information on a work of art without having to type the sometimes long title/artist combination into the phone.  From what I can tell this is returning content from Google’s index and therefore could show information about the work provided by the museum itself.

One area that could see a significant benefit from this is outdoors where signage is typically limited.  As we add more outdoor works of art in 100 Acres, it would be great for a visitor to take a quick photo of a work and find out detailed information on that piece.

This technology is still fairly new and Google admits they have more work to do.  However this is a great step in making information more easily accessible while on the go.  I have added few videos below and here is a link to the Google Goggles site.

So now who has an Android phone so we can test this out??

Here is a video from Google explaining the functionality of the application.

Here is another video showing a demo of the application.  They show how it recognizes an artwork and a book.

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