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The Pharmacy prescribes the following links to combat Monday online anemia.

Blog: The Sartorialist

Like Depeche Mode, we just can’t get enough. The popular fashion blog by Scott Schuman started when he began carrying a digital camera around on the streets of New York City, taking pictures of people who had dressed in some way that caught his eye, and then posting them to his blog, sometimes with comments about what he finds. Check out his talk on ArtBabble.

ArtBabble Video: Sparrow Lane

In November 2009,GALLERY CRAWL checked out SPARROW LANE, a series of photographs by Portland artist Holly Andres at the Robert Koch Gallery in San Francisco. Inspired by classic Nancy Drew book covers and Hitchcock films, Andres handcrafts highly-stylized scenes featuring a group of young girls grappling with mysterious objects, secret rooms, forbidden knowledge, and ultimately their own burgeoning sexuality.

IMA Work of Art:

side chair


GettyMuseum: <ancient Greek voice> Bring me my laptop! I need to ArtBabble

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