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The Pharmacy prescribes the following links to combat Monday online anemia.

Blog: Kiss My Spatula

The only thing better than a chef blogger, is a chef blogger who’s good with a camera.  If you’re not convinced you should follow a food blog, maybe this will be the clincher: Giao pairs all her recipes with music selections, because as she says, “music pairings are as important as fresh ingredients & good company.”

ArtBabble Video: Research in progress: Van Gogh and his contemporaries

Vincent van Gogh has a reputation of being a loner as an artist, but is that correct? In his letters he gave his opinion on works of art he had seen and books he’d found worth-while. That is why in the restoration studio of the Van Gogh Museum not only Van Gogh’s own materials and techniques are studied, but also the work of his contemporaries.

IMA Work of Art:

Roses of May by James Merritt Ives



richardmccoy: The @imamuseum‘s Hepworth needs a yearly waxing — it looks better now than in this photo:

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