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The Pharmacy prescribes the following links to combat Monday online anemia.

Blog: Black and WTF

Black and WTF is a photoblog of strange black & white photos that kind of look like the yearbook of a carnival side show. Everyday a new wonderfully weird vintage photo is posted without context. So use your imagination to figure out what exactly is going on, or submit your own black and white photo to the mix.

ArtBabble Video: Remains- Beth Lipman

Beth Lipman works primarily in glass, inspired by Dutch still-life painting of the seventeenth century. Her installation Still Life with Metal Pitcher, a table covered in clear glass objects, addresses the laid table tradition of this still-life genre. The Remains exhibition took place at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

IMA Work of Art:

hat by Bes-Ben (Designer)


Chipstone_org: Happy Monday! Today we launch on ArtBabble! Be sure to check us out at

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