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So You Think You Can Blog, Jessica Hancock?

We challenged America to submit to be the IMA’s next top blogger and America answered.  Over the course of the next month, we’ll post the finalists in the IMA’s “So You Think You Can Blog” contest. After we’ve posted all five entries, we’ll let our blog readers vote for the winner. First up: Meet Jessica Hancock.

Tell Us A Little About Yourself:

Jessica HancockWell, hello!  My name is Jessica Hancock and you’ve asked me to tell you a little about myself.  This is always a struggle as it’s easier to do in person, but the point of a “blogger” is to be as electronically-concise and as catchy as possible.  So, here goes…

I was born and raised in an Indianapolis suburb boasting mansions and cornfields, which did suit me well until I realized the world was a bigger place. Yep, it really is.  I convinced myself to pick up and study abroad in Londontown where my cultural education was based solely on gallery-hopping, pint-gulping and boarding cheap airlines to other countries, all while scraping the bottom of my bank account to mere pennies. ‘Twas a time! Fast forward through college, I am now a fundraiser by occupational trade and love being involved in the local community.  I’m stoked to say that, at the ripe age of 27, I proudly serve on two local Boards – Bicycle Indiana and more recently, I was invited to serve on the Earth House Collective Board.  How do I spend my time, you ask?  Easy. Picture me attending a smattering of as many live concerts as possible, traveling traveling traveling, monthly volunteering at the IMA, drinking copious amounts of black tea with cream & sugar, riding my bikes aimlessly through the streets of Indy and dallying about my new house.  I became a home owner this summer!  I count my blessings daily and never have forgotten where I came from [ahem, the sticks of Boone County].

Tell Us a Story:

My very first visit to the IMA was an embarrassing one, complete with a blushing red face and an uneasy stomach. In the third grade, my teacher took our class to the art museum.  Yay.  Upon arrival, I learned that my adorably-retired Grandma was to be our docent for the day.  This wouldn’t have been anything other than awesome, except I was in the midst of trying to woo a particularly cute male classmate of mine, and that day, I was disgustingly close to giving him the “circle yes or no” do-you-like-me note.  I had my plan all mapped out – I would slip him the note in the European art gallery, right under a Gauguin.  To make a painfully long story short, my Grandma whisked us through the American art galleries like a pro, and as soon as we entered into the Asian art gallery, she made a comment about how close I had been standing to a certain boy all day – out loud, so that all could hear. “Who is this boy, Jessie?” Thanks, Grandma.  The rest of the visit to the museum was spent in a mental fog, with at least a 75-foot distance between me and the boy.  Needless to say, I needed a second visit to become acquainted with the European galleries.  That day, I realized that I loved the IMA more than I loved my classmate.

Why should you be an IMA blogger?

I should be a blogger for the IMA not only because I am enjoyably familiar with the IMA galleries and activities, but also because I have been a megaphone for the museum this past year.

In 2009, I’ve seen many ups and downs of the museum.  This should not be overshadowed by the fact that I’ve also seen an increase in quality of exhibits, events and community awareness around Indy.  I would be honored to be apart of spreading the good word out through this blog opportunity, bridging that gap in person’s cerebellum contemplating “Hm. Should I go to the IMA today?  Or no.  Is it worth my time and money?”  This city is really coming around in terms of it’s artful offerings.  Sacred Spain was remarkable and free (?!!?!).  I hope that the whole darn city knew that and took advantage.  I’ll make it my personal duty to exemplify through words, my experiences, opinions and quirky thoughts on all-things IMA.  Pick me, pick me!

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