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In the Pit with Indy Chamber Orchestra

I grabbed an interview with Kirk Trevor and Jared Rodin from the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra just after the first of only three rehearsals before their big performance in The Toby tonight. It’s quite a challenge for the 30-piece orchestra to play a live score in time with a silent film. Here’s a behind the scenes (or should I say ‘from the pit’) look at the challenges they’ll face…

Event details:

Safety Last! with One Week

  • Friday, February 26– 7:30pm
  • The Toby
  • Live score performed by the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra

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Safety Last

What a great title for a movie. As someone who used to never wear my seat belt, I can appreciate it. Safety Last is a silent comedy made in 1923 about a publicity stunt gone wild — something that still happens often here in the 21st century.

The black-and-white beauty will be shown in the IMA’s Tobias Theater Friday, Feb. 26 – accompanied with a live score by the 30-piece Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra.

Safety Last stars Harold Lloyd – often called the third genius of early film comedy. Lloyd’s less recognized than either Chaplin or Keaton, and less graceful, but equally fearless. He’s like the Rick Moranis to a Steve Martin, or a Seth Rogan to a Bradley Cooper. Meet Lloyd here:

The Feb. 26 performance is probably going to sell out The Toby. The ICO will be rehearsing all week, timing every shimmy of their cymbals and every quiver of the bass to the action in the film.

Toby film projectionist Eric Grayson has a tough job too – making sure to change the film’s reels on time so nobody misses a beat.

As a bonus, you’ll also see One Week, a Buster Keaton short about a bride and groom who get a house-in-a-box as a wedding gift. I see pratfalls, hijinks and slapstick in your future…

It’s going to be a glamorous night at The Toby. Wear your flapper dresses and dapper suits!

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So You Think You Can Blog, Katie Neville?

We challenged America to submit to be the IMA’s next top blogger and America answered.  Over the course of the last month, we’ve posted the finalists in the IMA’s “So You Think You Can Blog” contest. Next week and for the entire month of March, we’ll let our blog readers vote for the winner. This week: Meet Katie Neville.

Hi IMA!  I would love to be your guest blogger for 2010.  I’m a twenty something single woman living in Broad Ripple and working in Carmel.  I have a B.A. in Art History from Indiana University.  Enough about me, I already feel like I’m writing a profile on some online dating site, on with my story…

I’ve tasted Art…

A few years back and fresh out of college I was in Chicago training for a new job.  On my first day off I ditched my fellow trainees, hopped a train and headed for the Art Institute of Chicago. I was really excited to explore the museum and see some of the very famous works the Art Institute has.  It did not disappoint!

I was thinking, this is what it is all about, I’m finally out of the classroom and out here experiencing Art.

Even Artists who exclusively work in 2D use texture, scale and subtle tone to express emotion, mood or whatever it may be that they wish to convey. It is impossible to really understand a work of Art merely by seeing a snapshot of it.  Hearing someone lecture about a slide on a screen can only get you so far.  Knowing this I was stoked to be bowled over by Van Goghs, Seurats, Rothkos, and others.  But I was wholly unprepared for what happened when I walked into one gallery in the contemporary wing, and met an artwork that was far from 2D.

I quite literally stumbled right into the middle of a work by Felix Gonzalez-Torres. Read the rest of this entry »

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Crafting the Calendar Experience

If you haven’t noticed, we have around two dozen events happening at the museum this week, and that’s fairly typical. When we were discussing events and calendar design for the new website, we realized that we had a challenge on our hands. And honestly, we might have underestimated it a bit at first.

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The Pharmacy


The Pharmacy prescribes the following links to combat Monday online anemia.

The Selby

Blog: The Selby

The Selby is full of uber-cool photographs of creative people in their living spaces, taken by photographer Todd Selby. (via

ArtBabble Video: Director’s Journal: 100 Acres Visitor’s Pavilion

Learn about current IMA events with Melvin and Bren Simon Director and CEO Maxwell Anderson. This episode features a conversation with 100 Acres Project Manager Dave Hunt and architect Marlon Blackwell about the Art and Nature Park Visitor’s Pavilion. Listen in as they discuss how the pavilion was constructed and what it will offer to visitors of the park.

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