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The Pharmacy prescribes the following links to combat Monday online anemia.

38 Years of Super Bowl Commercials

Blog: 38 Years of Super Bowl Commercials

Let’s face it- the day after the Super Bowl is usually spent talking about the commercials. Whether you loved or hated what you saw last night, here’s your chance to relive 38 years’ worth of ads. Not a blog, per-say, but enjoy none the less.

ArtBabble Video: Mildred Howard: Abode- Sanctuary for the Familia(r)

For this video the San Jose Museum of Art sat down with artist Mildred Howard to talk to her about her 1994 artwork Abode: Sanctuary for the Familia(r). The work recently changed from promised gift to gift and is now officially part of the SJMA permanent collection.

IMA Work of Art:

Alchemilla vase by Alessandro Mendini (Designer)


MaxAnderson_USA: Congratulations, Saints–great game. PS–Did you want that picture via FedEx or UPS?

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