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Little Things

Warmer weather has finally arrived and with it the early spring-flowering bulbs. These so-called minor bulbs are such a welcome sight after our Midwest winters.

Crocus seiberi ‘Tricolor’ around Sutphin Fountain.

The three colors in ‘Tricolor’.

Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) still make me happy no matter how many years I’ve seen their spring show.

Winter aconite (Eranthis hyemalis) are very happy little bulbs.

Even on a gray day their bright yellow color absolutely glows.

The honey bees love them. Look at all the pollen on the bees leg.

The bees tended to take flight just as I was ready to snap the photograph.

Bee butt.

Now get your butt to the IMA and enjoy this glorious weather.

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10 Responses to “Little Things”

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    Lee Ann Says:

    What a joy – bright colors punctuating the dull leaves littering the winter-tired ground and sweet little honeybees! Thanks for sharing!

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    Christa Says:

    Any Bloodroot? I’ve been trying to keep my eyes open for it in the woods along the Monon Trail, but I haven’t seen any yet. For some reason I associate Bloodroot as my first flower of spring!

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    Christina Says:

    I made it out of the basement of the IMA yesterday for a walk to enjoy the lovely grounds!

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    irvin Says:

    Thank you Lee Ann.
    Christa I have not started looking for the spring ephemerals but I was thinking about them as I was putting this together.
    Yeah Christina! You need to get out every other day now that it is warmer. It’ll do you a world of good.

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    karen j kennedy Says:

    aww, wonderful, so far only the snowdrops in my gardens are in “actual” bloom everything else is just teasing me with buds! Thanks for brightening the day.

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    irvin Says:

    You are welcome Karen. I think the clouds will slow everything down a bit. Not a bad thing. I don’t want a 2 day show. I thought Anemone blanda would be blooming by now but very few buds even showing.

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    Sarah Says:

    Glad to know that spring is finally arriving here.
    Beautifula flowers!

  • avatar
    irvin Says:

    At the very least it is a taste of spring Sarah. More flowers opening every day. First daffodils this week.

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