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Tag, you’re it.

The new IMA website provides many ways to discover works of art in our collection.  Today I want to highlight how we have integrated tagging into the website to make each work easier to find and interactive.

Tags on Artworks

When viewing an artwork on the website you will notice a section called TELL US WHAT YOU SEE in the right sidebar.  This is the area where you can interact with the page by providing your own tags.  It also displays the top tags provided by users for this work.  When you enter your own tags they will be highlighted in a color matching the IMA logo on the page.

The larger the tag the more times it has been used to describe this work.  You can even hover your mouse over each tag to get a tool-tip that shows how many times that tag has been used. Clicking on a tag will take you to the Collection Search and perform a search for other works with that tag.

Tags in the Collection Search

One of the goals of using tagging on the IMA website is to make artworks easier to discover. To achieve this we also integrated the tags into the collection search. When you perform a search you will be provided with a list of the top tags associated with all of the works in the left sidebar. You can click on these tags to filter your search results to only see works with the tags clicked. As you can see in the image on the right, I have filtered my search to only show works that have the tags sky and water associated with them.

Tag Tours

Tag Tours provide a guided tour through some interesting works that you otherwise might not discover on our site. These tours were built by our staff to provide a fun and alternative experience for browsing our collection.

Tag Tours

Latest Tags

On the Interact page you are able to see the latest tag activity in the right sidebar. Here you can see the most recent tags added to works in our collection. You can click on any of these tags to view the page for the work that the tag was applied to.


How it’s Made

All of the tagging functionality was built using the Steve Tagger software. The Steve Tagger software is being developed to provide tagging for museums and to make it easy. For full disclosure… I am one of the primary developers on the Steve Tagging project and the IMA is one of the grant partners.

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One Response to “Tag, you’re it.”

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    MJ Wortman Says:

    I checked out the Steve Tagger website as well as the IMA application. I really enjoyed the experience. It is an interesting concept to integrate the association of what we see and compare it to what others see in many different works of art.

    However, this particular concept is primarily using only visual referencing of what is seen in the work of art. I would like to see if these tags could also be implemented to associate works of arts with time periods and historical styles/ideals to create a more studious approach.

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