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Cold Gray Fog

A week ago today the morning started off cold, gray, and foggy.

It was one of those rare days when the fog got worse as the morning went on. I think it was heaviest about 8:30am. Two volunteers and I were working on the South Parking Lot Hill doing spring clean-up, raking out leaves and twigs then cutting back the plants. The leaves of the Carex muskinguminsis and Diarrhena americana were frozen!

I had to beat the rake through them to get out the tree leaves and twigs!

The temperature at 9am was only around 32 degrees. Not sure how cold it had gotten overnight. But a landscape can be very pretty in the fog. I captured these photos after it had started to lift really.

Look how these yellow flowered plants glow in the low light of a gray morning. Yellow is so welcome in spring.

Here’s the Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Arnold Promise’ (witchhazel)

Here’s the Cornus mas (cornelian cherry dogwood).

There are so many plants in bloom right now it is amazing. With 70+ degrees coming for several days this week by the week-end it will be an explosion of color. You need to visit and visit often.

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