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Summer Nights!

Every year, the people of Indianapolis anxiously await the announcement that means summer is surely right around the corner… the list of movies that will play at Summer Nights!

Without further ado, here is the list!

  • June 4 Across the Universe / 2007
  • June 11 Rebel Without A Cause / 1955
  • June 18 The Usual Suspects / 1995
  • June 25 Pee-wee’s Big Adventure / 1985
  • July 2 Stella Dallas / 1937
  • July 9 North by Northwest / 1959
  • July 16 The Rocky Horror Picture Show / 1975 (midnight showing; gates open at 10pm)
  • July 23 Monty Python: The Holy Grail / 1975 (midnight showing; gates open at 10pm)
  • July 30 The Muppets Take Manhattan / 1984
  • August 6 A Fish Called Wanda / 1988
  • August 13 Stand By Me / 1986
  • August 20 L.A. Confidential / 1997
  • August 27 O Brother, Where Art Thou? / 2000

We also have exciting news for members:

  • Presale Tickets Beginning April 8, members will have exclusive access to online tickets for all Summer Nights films. This means no waiting in line on the day of the movie!
  • Priority Seating Members get the best spots on the terrace! Gates open for members a half-hour earlier than for the public (6 pm).
  • Big Savings Members receive tickets for 50% off the public price (Public $10 / Members $5)

I am thrilled we can offer these savings to our most devoted fans. I have attended several Summer Nights films that have sold out, and it’s hard when we have to turn people away.  Become a member and get your (half price!) tickets early.

Also, I will be here for the midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I guarantee it is going to be a wicked good time.  Won’t you come join me?

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One Response to “Summer Nights!”

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    Rebecca Says:

    I was SO hoping for Natural Born Killers or, maybe, even The Doors…

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