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Too Much is Not Enough or Never Too Much

Lawdy Mercy! Spring is coming on so fast and furious my head is spinning!

It’s almost too much yet it can never be too much. There’s stuff everywhere!I’ve been trying to photograph as much as possible and I can’t hardly keep up! Plus we have started planting over at 100 Acres while there’s still all the regular work to do. Let me just tell you it’s keeping me in a tizzy. And next week-end is the Perennial Premiere – Jumbo Size. Let’s face it. It’s the busy season.

But I refuse to ignore all the amazing and pretty plants putting on their big sex show this year. Yes, I said sex show. Those flowers you’re admiring ain’t for you. They are for the pollinators (more on National Pollinator Week later). But what the heck. Let’s be nasty voyeurs this week and take in the show.

If you have questions about any plants in particular, that’s why we have a comment section. I will try to find an answer for you.

I tried to find a video for the Forester Sisters’ “Too Much is Not Enough” but had no luck. So ……..

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7 Responses to “Too Much is Not Enough or Never Too Much”

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    Lawdy, mercy is right. My poor camera is smoking from all the pitcher-takin’. thanks for the tunes — got my groove on now :)

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    Pat S Says:

    Walked the grounds last evening and it is truly a wonderful year for the flowers. . . we’ve wondered for years about the big, wild, out of control white-flowering bushes along the bank below the greenhouse next to the trail that I call “back stage” (because I love walking by your potting sheds, compost piles and plant staging area). Can you help us with a name?

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    Paul Says:

    Hey, you snuck in a snap o’ pure evil! Is there a prize for finding it? Perhaps something from the Perennial Premiere? Or just a pair of rubber gloves and a trash bag?

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    Love your pics and the tunes…Glad to see you’re as hooked on photography as I am. Wish I didn’t have to work. I’d love to just find stuff blooming and takes pics all day long!!!

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    Big Sue Says:

    Great photos, and you did stump me on the last row, middle one. Leaf with the pink edge…. what the h______?

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    Jim Says:

    With apologies to Irvin-
    @Pat S: Those are jetbead (Rhodotypos scandens)
    @Big Sue: I think that’s Eryngium ‘Jade Frost’

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    Hilary Cox Says:

    Irvin, everywhere you go this year, whether the desert southwest or Indiana, and everywhere in between, it’s stunningly beautiful! Apparently plants like a real winter!

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