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Watching the gardens go green

Rarely does anyone visit our office at the back of the Stout Library without saying “Wow, what an amazing view”.  And rightfully so.  It’s an amazingly beautiful look out into the south side of the Oldfields gardens.  With out a doubt a wonderful source of inspiration and natural beauty.

So back in March as the snow began to recede I would regularly peer out into the drab naked trees with great anticipation of watching them green up and return  to the former glory of last summer.  As luck would have it someone shared this link with me around the same time.  It’s the Timelapse group on vimeo and there are some breathtaking videos created via time lapse photography

Here is one example that blew my mind.

This all got me thinking.  What if I stuck a camera facing out of our window for a month and took a photo every half hour?   Well, sounded like there was only one way to find out.   So here is 1 month of spring as taken every half hour, condensed into 23 seconds.

Watch as the gardens go green.

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One Response to “Watching the gardens go green”

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    tim Says:

    Cool videos, thanks.

    I felt a strange loss this Spring, Winter was dying, gone is the freedom to wander anywhere freely without weeds, thorns, poison ivy and people.

    Gone is the glory of naked tree architecture.

    In, is the drab army green uniforms and countless restrictions to wander freely.

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