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In the Mind’s Eye (or ear)

What happens at the intersection of music and art? Composer Jim Beckel has a pretty good idea.  A few months ago, we decided to join forces with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra to create a short video.

Behind the scenes shot of Dan filming the horn section's rehearsal

And we couldn’t have asked for better subject matter. ISO Principal Trombone (and composer) Jim Beckel’s, In the Mind’s Eye, Images for Horns and Orchestra features the five members of the ISO Horn Section and is inspired by paintings from the collections of the IMA.

The video speaks for itself, I think (watch it below)…an extraordinary partnership between two Indianapolis cultural institutions. You can see the performance in person May 14-15 at the Hilbert Circle Theater.

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One Response to “In the Mind’s Eye (or ear)”

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    Jessica Says:

    Love the shared vocabulary between musical composition and visual art. Thank you for your partnership Kate!

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