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Design Collaboration 2.0

If you’re a designer with geek cred (a pair of specs, a personal website/blog, and an iPhone/iPad… example), you probably already know about the innovation taking place across the design community commonly referred to as “Layer Tennis“. Kyle blogged a bit about it in this post.

Basically what happens is this: a designer sends another designer an image that might have graphic design elements. The receiving designer then adds his/her flair and sends it back. This process repeats.

Collaborating with people you never will meet face to face is extremely easy now thanks to the internet. Not to mention, it is extremely green since you can do it from your own living room. I’ve compiled a little list of good design collaboration projects and websites that are following that same Layer Tennis model.

DesignSwap – DesignSwap’s sole purpose is to promote collaborations between designers by saying one simple thing – I design on your site, you design on mine.

Layer Tennis – Ten designers in ten cities, fifteen minutes at a time. Follow @LayerTennis on Twitter.

Dribbble – Rebounds: Respond with a follow-up of your own. Iterate and play off the shots of others.

Fark – One of the first sites to do this… and a Photoshop design contest is always in session.

I can has cheez burger? – I can’t think of a better way to waste time and collaborate creatively with others at the same time!

I’ve never taken place in a design battle, but I would jump at the chance if anybody out there in museum/design land wants to serve me. So… who wants to step into my cipher?

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    digital artist Says:

    This is a new concept. The problem comes in when someone wants to sell the image! LOL, plus when your working with people you don’t know, there is a possibility that someone could steal that image and claim it as their own instead of putting their ‘layer’ on it. As long as the person doesn’t care about there being a possibility it can be stolen, then its all good.

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    airee williams

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