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Ask me about my scooter

I wandered these halls long before I was on the payroll.

I’ve had my eye on the IMA for years. In that time I’ve found a home here. Case in point; my obsession for modern and contemporary design was fueled by the great lectures, films and social events that the IMA is known for. So when the position I have now became available, Purchasing Manager, I all but beat down the glass doors to get my resume in. Where else could I utilize my OCD-like organizational skills while working for such a cultural heavy-hitter?

(photo by Nikki Sutton)

OK, enough gushing (for now). The above picture was taken almost a year ago in front of the retail store at the IMA. See that chair in background? That’s an Eames. I actually now own one! I can either blame or thank the IMA for that… Thank you.

How many people can say they enjoy staying after work? Not many. But I get to attend some great events like the one pictured below, Summer Nights. The film was Roman Holiday and a bunch of my friends and I rode our scooters here for the movie.

(photo by


Yes, I said scooters. I own a bright orange scooter and you’ll likely see me riding it to work some days. The picture below is of me tearing up the downtown streets.

So with all of that being said, (and I don’t know how to end my first blog) the past few months of work here at the IMA have been very rewarding, while also challenging. It’s the best of both worlds. So, if you see me wandering these halls today- say hello. I might even teach you the secret scooter handshake.

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