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The Art of Planting – Part Two

Things remain incredibly hectic especially in preparation for  the opening of 100 Acres.

Folks are working there daily with very good progress occurring. The rain has put a bit of a kink in the system as it has prevented the laying of the sod for the interior of Alfredo Jaar’s the Park of the Laments. Once that sod is in place things will move along swiftly to finish this major piece by the 19th. We begin planting the area around the Visitors Pavilion next week (including two all staff planting opportunities).

I have a few shots of us planting the exterior of Jaar from a few weeks back.

Removing the burlap from some large Viburnum trilobum. You dull a knife blade really quick on burlap by the way. Volunteers have put in many hours on this project too.

The artist wants the stone walls to be hidden as quickly as possible so we are planting trees and shrubs along the wall and vines on top of the wall. Here Neil and Josh cut holes in the gabion baskets to plant some Campsis radicans (trumpet vine).

We put in at least three cultivars, including yellow and red ones, along with the straight species. We also used two cultivars of native wisteria. It is going to be beautiful. I will try to post pictures when they bloom. I’m quite anxious to see the different colors of trumpet vines.

Here’s a whole group of pictures of us busy planting. Note the incredible soil. Thankfully we had giant augers for digging the big planting holes.

That’s it for now. I will try to post something again next week on 100 Acres since we are only two weeks from opening. Build that buzz.

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    Ryan Chaney Says:

    Things are really shaping up! I can remember two summers ago when this was all still in the planning stages. Its nice to see it coming together! Can’t wait to see it when i get back to Indiana.

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