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Leave it to Beaver

Planting for wildlife is quite the rage these days. And a fine thing it is. We need to do more to support the creatures that are essential for life itself. And look at the ornamental value of, say, an eastern bluebird perched on an orange butterfly weed creating ideal color echoes and contrasts. Or the think of economic value of our many pollinators. Sometimes though, the wildlife takes a bit too much. Many folks deal with the ravages of the whitetail deer for example. Then, there is the beaver. People near water can experience this toothy neighbor’s appetite.

Recent plantings at 100 Acres are fine examples. A few trees were planted near Kendall Buster’s Stratum Pier. The first night two cottonwoods were removed at ground level. An oak was girdled, its impending death certain. The next day the beaver came back to finish the job.

Hardware cloth was put around a remaining hackberry and cottonwood. The hackberry got the tall piece of wire. The cottonwood got the short piece.

It’s all part of the reality of working in and with nature. No making it rain when you want it. No making it sunny when you need it. No stopping the wind. So you adapt.

No hardware cloth. No tree.

Know beaver. Know hardware cloth.

Thanks to Tad Fruits for the photos in this blog.

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