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Indy Layers Design Battle Volume 1: Go

A few weeks ago I posted about design collaboration & Layers Tennis and how it would be fun to get something going here locally. Well, thankfully we have 4 designers from Indianapolis who want to participate!

This is a little introduction… then each week we will post an update with the design volleys. If you are still confused, the video below should give you a clearer picture of what to expect. (It’s a compilation video of the entire Exhibition Season of Layer Tennis edited down to just 130 seconds.

I asked each designer to give me a bio introducing themselves to give a bit of background. We’ll be posting each of our volley’s up once a week and we’ll do a poll to find out who’s pixels will reign supreme.

The image below was given (a higher res version of course) to the first designer as the starting point. I can’t wait to get started!

The image was taken in the IMA's 100 Acres Art and Nature Park

Designer bios after the jump!

My name is Aaron Scamihorn. I am a designer at MediaSauce in Carmel. In my free time, I work more in the realm of illustration and portraiture. I have a passion for competition in design as it pushes us to be our best. Even that small level of competition you have while working with other creatives fuels a desire to try and one-up the other guy. I have competed twice on and made it into the 2009 finals competing with big-wigs in our industry such as Aaron Draplin and Scott Hansen. I also competed in the top 8 designers in the Chicago regional Cut&Paste event in fall 2009.

I have a passion for supporting local causes and have most recently created an illustration for Girls Rock Indy Chapter a poster in support of the Indianapolis International Film Festival and a Naptown Rollergirls bout poster. I am on the committee for Primary Colours and work with them in creating graphics and putting on events such as Installation Nation and Art Vs. Art. You can see more of my work at

J. M. Scott: I am an award-winning illustrator and multimedia professional who enjoys eating rainbows and puking creativity.

With a Purdue degree in interactive multimedia development and more than eight years of experience, My job is my passion, my specialty, and my art. Throughout the years I have specialized in user-interface/user-experience design, corporate visual communications, audio/video production, social media, photography and screen printing.

I am a full-time senior graphic designer and an adjunct professor in Indianapolis, Indiana. My url is

My name is Nathan Shinkle. I currently work as a Designer and Branding Specialist at MediaSauce, an interactive agency located on the north side of Indianapolis. In my free time I provide consultation and art direction to a local screen printing company called SixSix Graphics. I’m also one of the founding members and a Co-Curator of an art and design blog called The Avant Garage.

The abridged story of my career goes something like this: In early 2001 I started working as a Production Artist in the apparel industry. By 2004 I was a Lead Designer / Art Director for a mid-sized screen printing firm. In 2008 I started doing interactive design and fell in love with all of the challenges designing for the web can offer. I’ve never had the luxury of developing a singular style that I can call my own, but I’ve learned to embrace the fact that I’ve become a well rounded artist out of sheer necessity. I draw, I paint and I build things. I’m a logo designer, illustrator, web designer, print guru, iconographer and typographer… whatever the project calls for I’m always up to it.

If interested, you can check out some of my more recent personal work here, and some of my older stuff here. You can also see what I do at my day job here.

Ola. My name is Matt Gipson as you know. I’m a web & interactive designer at the IMA by day. I’m the one writing this post! Anyways, I should warn these other designers, though I am a noob at ‘layers’, I’m coming into this design contest with a perfect record (1-0)! You can find a little more about me on the IMA Lab team page.

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2 Responses to “Indy Layers Design Battle Volume 1: Go”

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    Katie Neville Says:

    Fascinating! From the looks of the bios these are some seriously talented designers. I can’t wait to see the creativity unleashed upon the starter image. Volley away…

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    Lindsay Says:

    Good luck, bro! Pulling for ya!

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