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Have it Your Way: Help us plan our next mobile tour!

Have it Your Way!

Well, our intrepid team of media and software guru’s are busy preparing to launch our first outdoor mobile content tour to highlight the opening of 100 Acres this weekend.  Folks are a little bit frazzled and wishing for the sunshine, but I think we’re all universally excited about the incredible stories there are to tell in the park.

While we’ve ironed out our initial set of tour content for 100 Acres, we could use your help in planning the next great escapades we undertake for mobile content.  So, in the great tradition of McDonalds… if you could “Have it Your Way”, what should our next mobile tour look like?

If you’ll answer a few of these questions, I promise to come back next week and share with the class all we’ve learned from your responses!  We’ll take the best ideas from this survey and see if we can wrap them into our next mobile tour!

Thank You! -Rob

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2 Responses to “Have it Your Way: Help us plan our next mobile tour!”

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    Hi Rob,

    Love the idea of asking people what they’d like to see.. its very refreshing! Also love the “leave this stuff out” and “meh” categories… too funny.

    But thought I should ask, is the juxtaposition of the McDonalds image and the Burger King slogan (see: a brilliant ruse to confuse litigators from either corporation… if so ‘I’m lovin’ it’ (to paraphrase McDonalds).

    Cheers, Dan.

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    Rob Stein Says:

    Ha! Boy I wish I was that clever Dan… good catch, but unfortunately the BK marketing campaign apparently registered incorrectly in my brain :)

    I thought about swapping out the image, but I think it’s funnier to leave it as is, and highlight my own goof up :)


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