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Have it Your Way: Results from our 2 Minute Mobile Survey

Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey last week! Your feedback means a lot to us and has provided some interesting insights into how this little segment of our audience is thinking about mobile tours. As promised, here are the results we got from last weeks questions. I’ll generally try to summarize a bit and I’d be really interested in your thoughts / comments about what you see in the data too.

The graph below shows that most people are really intrigued by the possibilities of accessing mobile content from their own devices, follow by slightly fewer respondents who felt like they’d prefer to rent a device that was guaranteed to work.  If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll know that we most recently released a tour for the 100 Acres park that anyone with a internet-capable smartphone can experience. (visit on your mobile phone and look for 100 Acres)  Internally at the IMA we’re still looking for that “right” balance between devices that we maintain and a user’s own device.  We’d be interested in your feedback in the comments if you have a good thought or opinion.

In trying to fish about for the kinds of content most people were itching to get their hands on, I used the results to come up with a ranking of the types of content that people responded to the most.  I simply added the percentages of “Yeah, definately” and “Can’t get enough” together for a total positive response.  Removing museum staff responses from the mix yielded the same rank ordering. The rankings came out as follows.  I  think I’m most surprised by how poorly Games rated in this ranking, and had expected it to do much better.

  1. Hear from Artists (90%)
  2. Behind the Scenes (83%)
  3. Hear from Experts (54%)
  4. High-Res Images (51%)
  5. Ways to Express Opinion (44%)
  6. Things to Take Away (41%)
  7. Games (27%)

Responses were pretty evenly split on which kinds of tours we should create next with preferences expressed for tours of the permanent collection and the gardens and grounds.  Again, the rankings did not change when museum staff were removed from the responses.

This statistic is pretty hilarious to me.  Apparently, museum tours are informative, but boring!  Funny enough, it seems like museum professionals are the most critical of their own tours.  The non-museum respondents had better overall opinions of museum tours than that of the museum staff.  Seems like maybe we’re being a bit too hard on ourselves as museum staff and should focus on delivering a flexible experience with deep content as described above.

Responses from those who DO work in museums

Responses from those who DO NOT work in museums

For completeness, here are the remaining two questions regarding a little bit about the survey respondents. Overall not a huge dataset, but I think a really meaningful representative set for this museum anyways!

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2 Responses to “Have it Your Way: Results from our 2 Minute Mobile Survey”

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    JimO Says:

    Nice! interesting how evenly divided the responses were to the question about where best to apply this approach. Sounds like a call for ubiquitous content.

    I think “tour” is a box worth thinking outside of, though, too. How about — in addition to a linear tour — a clearly communicated way people can get added value/content at the moment they want it — without having to switch the mode of their experience from self-driven-discovery to tour — and perhaps only once or twice during a visit?

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