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Now Appearing – The Fabulous “Luscious Lycoris”

Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any hotter in the garden…….. it does. Naked ladies magically appear all over the place.

Sometimes in the hostas.

Sometimes in the ferns.

Sometimes just right out of the ground.

Cover the children’s eyes. Give Grandpa another nitro-glycerin tablet. Warn the religious right. No, wait. Tell them Resurrection lilies are all over the garden. They won’t know the difference. It’s August and time for the Naked Ladies to put on a show! Read the rest of this entry »

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Volunteer for Your 15 Minutes of Fame

In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”- Andy Warhol

This October, the IMA will be presenting Andy Warhol Enterprises: an exhibition that examines Andy Warhol’s lifelong exploration of commerce, consumerism, and the business of art-making.

Featuring works that span his entire career, Warhol the artist, the businessman and the personality will loom large throughout the entire Museum this fall and winter…

…which got us thinking: why keep Andy inside the walls of the museum? Why not make his presence city-wide?

Even almost 25 years after his death, Andy Warhol may be the most popular artist of the 20th century. So popular, in fact, that you can buy Andy Warhol wigs on Amazon. Which is exactly what we did last week!


Beginning next month, our street team will be wearing those wigs and popping up at various events around town. ” The Andys” will tailgate at Colts games, attend fairs and festivals, and hang out on college campuses. Perhaps you’ll run into an Andy while shopping for shoes or a loaf of bread. Where’s Warhol? Aisle 3. Read the rest of this entry »

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Strange and New

Music and art go hand in hand. And what better pairing for Tara Donovan’s ‘extraordinary’ art than a performance by percussionist Nick Hennies?

This Saturday, you can experience the sounds Nick Hennies as he performs music from his forthcoming album, Psalms, as well as Objects, a new work dedicated to the exhibition Tara Donovan: Untitled and composed especially for this installation.

Drawing connections to Donovan’s work, Hennies’ piece makes seemingly familiar sounds become strange and new.

Check out one of Nick’s performances below:

New Sound Facilities #1 – Nick Hennies & Sandy Ewen from You and Yours on Vimeo.

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Teens in the Museum: Kazeerat

The IMA MAP employs high school sophomores and juniors during the spring and summer to explore what’s happening behind the scenes of the IMA, while working on projects alongside Museum staff. This year, the MAP teens are learning about 100 Acres, its inaugural artists and planning creative experiences that will encourage Park visitors to engage with nature, art and with one another.

Hi, my name is Kazeerat, I’m 15 years old and a junior at Northwest High School. I work at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the job is very awesome. I get to work with great people and I have fun everyday. I love the art.

The art [in 100 Acres] is so huge and beautiful. Anyone who sees it is going to love it. We also have some famous artists coming to the Museum [for the 100 Acres Opening] so it’s your time to see them. I urge you to come.

You have no idea how fun all this is because as soon as you see [the art] you just fall in live with it. I think the Museum is like no other one.

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Teaser: Layers Battle Round 2

Following our Indy Layers Battle Round 1 experiment, here is a teaser for round 2 which Nathan just kicked off.

Layers Battle inspiration photo - taken at the IMA's 100 Acres


As with all of the work in the 100 Acres Exhibit I was instantly intrigued by this sculpture turned seating. I have a personal belief that art is at its best when a piece’s form and its functionality find harmony, so it’s only right to give credit where it’s due. My concept was to turn the provided photo into a promotional piece for the artist who created “Bench Around the Lake”. I’m anxious to see where the other designers take this.

Stay tuned for a full update with the other three designers soon!

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