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Meeting the Natives: a boat trip to the island

If you have been reading the blog of our 100 Acres islanders you probably already know about this: our friendly neighborhood island residents are giving boat tours of Andrea Zittel’s Indianapolis Island from 10:30am – 1 pm everyday.

So yesterday I decided to hop on down to the park and take a boat ride myself.   If you have an opportunity, I highly recommend checking it out.  The island is pretty neat.  Just make sure the flag is up and you bring something to trade.

Here is the generator they built for electricity on the island.  I was told it takes about 2 and a half hours of pedaling to generate about an hours worth of electricity.

Jessica was enjoying some much appreciated sun tan lotion as acquired in a trade.

Jessica making trades with the family that rode the boat in with me:

This weekend’s weather forecast is looking pretty fine. If you visit the islanders, what do you plan to bring along to trade?

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