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Feel Like Going on a Bender?

Last summer’s throwaway flick The Hangover captured it pretty well: take a few crazy people, a few beverages, add a tiger, and bingo, perfect insanity ensues.  Similarly, but sans Mike Tyson, Indy residents are invited to go on a cinematic bender, otherwise known as the 48 Hour Film Project.

This international filmmaking competition, locally organized by cultural phenomenon Big Car, sends teams of filmmakers into the field to make short films in– you guessed it– 48 hours.  Registration is now open; films must be made the weekend of July 31-August 1.

The finished films will be screened in The Toby on Saturday night August 7 and compete for the chance to advance by a real-time audience vote.

All film teams are given an object (like an egg, or a red ball) and a line of dialogue (“Be sure she gets the message”) that must be incorporated into the film.   What’ll they be for this year?

Check out 2009’s winning flick from Indianapolis:

Think you can do better?  Sign up now – or attend the kick-off meeting Friday, July 23 at Big Car (a team registration fee applies).  Actors, screenwriters, photographers, stunt people may be lurking to find a team to join…

See you at The Toby August 7.

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