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Boom goes the dynamite!

Richard getting ready to crush it to left

This year, with Jim Walker’s help from the Big Car Gallery, we resurrected the Indy Cultural Softball League.  We’re fortunate to play on a handsome stretch of grass just behind the Garfield Park Arts Center, and have the park’s historic 1903 pagoda as a backdrop.

League Logo designed by Joel Dale

The teams in the league are:
The Indianapolis Museum of Art
Keep Indianapolis Beautiful
Herron School of Art & Design
Big Car Gallery
And this other team, from this other museum here in Indianapolis. What’s their name? I always forget… oh, yeah, the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art. Our softball nemesis!  The Newman to our Seinfeld.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the Eiteljorg; it’s a great museum and one of highlights to our city.  They put on excellent exhibitions and the staff are top-notch museum professionals, but a softball team?  Come on, now.  Please.
Sure, they barely beat us the last time we played, but that was a fluke, an aberration, an odd and distasteful hiccup in the storied legend of the IMA’s softball dominance.  And, sure, John Vanausdall, the Director and CEO of their museum pitches for the team, holds down the short stop position, and swings a good bat (I’m just saying, Max.  I’m just saying.), but are they a serious softball squad?  No way.

Eiteljorg Director & CEO John Vanausdall pitching for the team

The IMA plays the EM in the final game of the year next Tuesday the 31st of August at 7:30 pm.  This is where we’ll find out which museum really owns this town.  According to the standings, the IMA and EM are deadlocked at 5-2, so this game will decide it all.  Please come out and cheer on the IMA!
And for me, the crime of it all is that I just started back teaching my Collections Care & Management class for the IUPUI Museum Studies program, which of course the class meets on Tuesday nights.  So I’m going to miss the game.
I’ve tried and tried to figure out a way to make the softball game part of this year’s curriculum, but still haven’t found an angle.  Somehow it just doesn’t seem right to require my students to come out and cheer for the IMA as part of their class.  Well, honestly, it probably would feel right, but I’m not sure of the educative component.  If anybody has any ideas, I’m all ears. Oh, and if you have any ideas for clever nicknames for the Eiteljorg, please list them below.

IMA congratulates KIB on a great game

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7 Responses to “Boom goes the dynamite!”

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    They can take notes on the care of sports memorabilia! aka the softballs used by all of the legendary cultural league.

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    As far as a nickname for the Eitlejorg? I think “Winners” is pretty accurate.

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    NOMA Says:

    Wow, you guys really don’t know when to keep your yaps shut, do you?

    Hope you got the “The Fifth Plague of Egypt” painting back OK. It looked great above the urinals.

    New Orleans Museum of Art

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    IMA sore loser Says:

    I think “victors” and “champions” are very good names for the Eiteljorg.

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    E-Jorg winner Says:

    I think “soon champions” or “pure winners” work wells as nicknames… 😉

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    Eiteljorg Says:

    You can just call us “League Champs”.

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    Anonymous Says:

    Listen to the words of the song “WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS”…very fitting for the Eiteljorg team!! What tremendous support from their co-workers, twenty strong or so who showed up to cheer them on during that final championship game!! There was NO ONE from the IMA to support the team!!…ugh!

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