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Pharm Accident in 100 Acres

A guy in a suit and tie hits on a log with a big stick, producing a deep thumping vibe. Another one rattles a young maple tree, making a swishing sound, while a woman in a black dress and sky-high heels shimmies on a slatted wood platform. A full moon rises behind the trees as dusk descends.

Such was the scene at last week’s fall equinox performance in the IMA’s 100 Acres. Pharm Accident, the performance group of Big Car, christened the Ruth Lilly Visitor Pavilion with its first full performance since the Park opened last June. Here’s a portrait of the Pharm Accident performers:

The organic structure of the Pavilion and its hideaway sensibility begged for a performance that was equally organic. Seventy-five people agreed and came out on this humid September night to experience this offbeat concert.

Eight sets of dancers and sound makers (all wearing blue jumpsuits, each signified by a different type of leaf) were controlled by Jim Walker, Big Car founder and maestro of the overhead projector. Walker placed leaf shapes on the projector, triggering one or more of the eight sets to dance and make avant garde music.  Take a listen and see more images from the event.

This concert in the woods helped us reconnect with everything primal; and it was a surreal way to usher in the autumn season. Thank you, Pharm Accident!

Now we’re planning for the spring equinox. Ideas welcome…

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