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Sample result image from First Impressions

I am excited to announce the IMA’s launch of First Impressions, a new tagging feature on our website. This new feature gives you an opportunity to tell us what grabs your attention when viewing items in our collection, without typing ‘text-based’ tags.

As we have developed this project, I have realized this is a really fun way to interact with the objects in our collection. As each work is displayed, you are asked to click on what first draws your eye. After clicking through the whole set (this time it is about 12 images), you will see each image with an overlay, showing where you clicked and where everyone else clicked. Your click will be displayed as a small black marker on each image. Everyone else’s clicks will display in a heat map- an array of colors showing the most clicked (and most noticed) areas of each work. The darker the shade of red, the more clicks have occurred in that area.

We are planning to make this an ongoing series with new sets of works to view in the future. Each time we release a new set, we will post about it. We also hope to post results from previous First Impressions sets showing you what people see- and also what they don’t see.

With much of the US already experiencing winter weather, we were inspired to gather up chilly images inspired by Winter Solstice. This set reflects the change in the seasons and the weather to come over the next few months. So grab your favorite warm beverage (I prefer hot chocolate this time of year), come in out of the cold, and give us your First Impressions.

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